We hold in high esteem more than a two-hundred-year tradition of our glass factory. We can combine the old craftsmanship with the latest technology and procedures to offer you the highest possible quality. We offer the widest range of colour glass across Europe – a total of 16 shades. We offer both our own product design, and customised production. We always provide a comprehensive approach from the first product design, through mould production, sampling up to the final production, packaging and shipping.
All products of our glass works can also be decorated using various techniques – by etching, cutting, decoration with precious metals (gold, platinum) or painting, which can be combined with each other.

Our vision is to maintain the traditional handmade production of Czech lead-free crystal in the highest possible quality. We rely on quality glass, flawless workmanship, modern and traditional designs. We use modern technologies, especially where we perceive their contribution to achieving the highest possible quality and at the same time preserve the craft tradition and uniqueness of handicrafts.


This technique uses the principle of glass etching, which is not protected by wax. A product is first immersed into wax, then it is left to cool down and afterwards a required pattern is engraved in the wax a machine called “guilloche”. Subsequently, the product is immersed into an acid which etches the previously engraved pattern. The wax is then removed and the required etched pattern remains on the product.


This is machine grinding of a decoration. The machine is equipped with a sanding wheel with a diamond coating for the most accurate cutting and it cuts the desired decoration into glass under a flow of running water.


Decorations with precious metals are made with 24-carat gold and platinum. The application of gold and platinum is always manual.


Traditional painting procedures and techniques are used, where painters manually decorate products with different types of paints. In this way, mainly floral and ornamental decorations are created, often accompanied by precious metal decorations.

Design of our products

The aim of the glassworks is create unique crystal works of high quality and original design. That is why we cooperate with leading Czech and foreign glass artists and designers. Mutual respect for craftsmanship and extraordinary experience creates a unique symbiosis between glass masters and artists, from which new beverage and decorative collections of timeless design are created and a clear message for future generations.

Notable artists who collaborated with the glassworks include, for example, French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, Portuguese designer Marco Sousa Santos, and the Israeli artist living in Paris, Arik Levy. Among the Czech glass artists and designers, these are mainly Rony Plesl, the Olgoj Chorchoj studio, Jiří Šuhájek, Lars Kemper & Peter Olah, the Mimolimit architectural studio, and Lukáš Jabůrek.

Medzi významných výtvarníkov, ktorí so sklárňou spolupracovali, patrí napr. francúzsky dizajnér Jean-Marie Massaud, portugalský dizajnér Marco Sousa Santos či izraelský umelec žijúci v Paríži Arik Levy. Z českých sklárskych výtvarníkov a dizajnérov sú to predovšetkým Rony Plesl, štúdio Olgoj Chorchoj, Jiří Šuhájek, Lars Kemper & Peter Olah, architektonické štúdio Mimolimit a Lukáš Jabůrek.